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The Asset Tag is an identification tag, comprising of a 8-digit, color-coded identification number and a corresponding barcode label, placed on many significant capital assets of the Computer Systems Lab, including hardware, books, and even some screwdrivers.

Asset Tag Policy

Asset tags are placed on major capital items such as workstations, monitors, and UPSs, in addition to significant hardware parts such as video cards and motherboards, and books. On workstations and monitors, they must be affixed vertically on the right side of the item, and vertically on the inside of the back cover of books. When a tagged item is discarded, the tag is blacked out by a marker and it should not be removed until the item is taken out of the lab, in order to ensure that a discarded item is really thrown or given away.

Color Coding

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9