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[[Category:HD Array]]

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Alexandria is one of two Promise VTrak M310i Harddrive arrays. It currently provides storage for the Guardian Backup System.

After some initial setup delays and problems with dropping Harddrives, Alexandria is now stable and is currently serving as shared storage for Xen VMs.

Technical Specifications

Array Type Hardware type::Promise VTrak M310i
Hard Disks 7x 750GB 3.5in 7200 SATA
5x 1TB 3.5in 7200 SATA
Data Interface 2 x 10/100/1000 iSCSI ports
Mgmt Interface 1 x 10/100 Mgmt port (web access) + RS232 Serial (cli)
Purchase Date Fall 2007


Alexandria, along with Athens was acquired in the fall of 2007. Originally it was used for storing VMs for the VM Cluster. It was quickly removed from production, however, due to stability problems. After a firmware update resolved these, it transitioned to its current role as Backup Storage