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Adelie (formerly known as mars) is a Penguin Computing Altus Server residing in the CSL machine room, and has no services running on it at present due to hardware issues. Adelie used to host the TJ website, but this service has been moved to a VM.

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::Penguin Computing Altus Server
CPU AMD Athlon(tm) MP 1900+
Hard Disks 35.3GB SCSI Hardware RAID-5
OS Debian GNU/Linux Testing
Purchase Date


Adelie's drives utilize a hardware RAID-5 setup with a MegaRAID card. If you hear a slow beeping in the machine room, it is most likely the MegaRAID card alerting you to a failed drive. You can use the megamgr utility to rebuild the failed drive (located in /root/megaraid/megamgr as of the time of this writing). You can also add another drive as a hot spare to keep the old drive in, but use another drive to rebuild the array. Currently, the drive in ID 1 keeps failing, so a new drive in ID 3 is being used as a hot spare.