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Adelie (formerly known as mars) is a Penguin Computing Altus Server residing in the CSL machine room, currently serving as an AFS fileserver, primarily for the main TJ website.

Technical Specifications

Server Type Hardware type::Penguin Computing Altus Server
CPU AMD Athlon(tm) MP 1900+
Hard Disks 35.3GB SCSI Hardware RAID-5
OS Debian GNU/Linux Testing
Purchase Date


Adelie's drives utilize a hardware RAID-5 setup with a MegaRAID card. If you hear a slow beeping in the machine room, it is most likely the MegaRAID card alerting you to a failed drive. You can use the megamgr utility to rebuild the failed drive (located in /root/megaraid/megamgr as of the time of this writing). You can also add another drive as a hot spare to keep the old drive in, but use another drive to rebuild the array. Currently, the drive in ID 1 keeps failing, so a new drive in ID 3 is being used as a hot spare.