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Account box

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The account box is the "box" made of clear tape and a clear plastic piece of plastic that completed Service Request Forms go in. It is not really a "box" per se; it's more of a right triangular prism, one side of which is the wall. The latest incarnation of the box was constructed by Andrew Deason with the help of Eric Harmon in the spring of 2006, although this box is no longer hanging on the wall.


The box was previously just one piece of plastic which was somehow attached to the wall (possibly by screws). It was taken down when the walls of the lab were repainted, and it hasn't been seen since. For a while, there was no account box, and it caused numerous forms to be misplaced, and a few users became annoyed at the long amount of time that had passed without their requests being completed. So, a new box was created by taping a piece of clear plastic to the wall.

A few people doubted the structural integrity of the box (after all, it is mostly held up with clear tape), but it has proved to be durable enough for everyday use. Andrew Deason was very proud that the box managed to stay up for several days. His repeated comments about his success caused Mr. Torbert to tell him "You have done so many great things for the lab; this is not one of them!"

As of March 2007, the Account Box has not been hung on the wall for several months, signaling the current downfall of forms. Users now are encouraged to scribble what they want on a crumpled-up sheet of paper, and force it into the hands of one of the sysadmins, who will try to make out their unintelligible handwriting. Until the Account Box comes back, or there is an online submission form, that is the current system.