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AFS/Directory Structure

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General Conventions

Usually, if a mount point is read-only, then there will be another read-write mount point with the same name with dot in front of the name. For example, the mount point /afs/csl/service is read-only, but /afs/csl/.service is read-write. Both of those mount points are the same volume (service), but one is a read-only copy, and thus more likely to be available.

We also try to have volume names roughly correspond to where the volume is typically mounted in the directory tree, using dots as delimiters instead of slashes. For example, /afs/csl/service/matlab is a mount point to service.matlab, and /afs/csl/web/www is web.www. They do not have to completely correspond (volume names can only be so long), but they should be similar.

Directory Hierarchy


This is the read-only mount point for root.cell for our cell. /afs/.csl.tjhsst.edu/ is the read-write mount point, and /afs/csl/ is a symlink to /afs/csl.tjhsst.edu/, and /afs/.csl/ is a symlink to /afs/.csl.tjhsst.edu/


This contains mountpoints for various volumes that are no longer used in day-to-day operations but that we want to continue to be accessible.


All of the home directories before the lab switched to AFS (the old fileserver was called 'cronos', and served data with NFS). They are still around so that their web-docs are still available, so we do not break links.


Data files for the original Intranet.


Deactivated websites are remounted here in subfolders corresponding to their old subdomain.


These are various old versions of the main tjhsst.edu website.


This contains shared directories for various groups and functions.


Home directories for non-TJHSST FCPS students/staff. They are separated into sub-directories by site.


Home directories for parents; primarily webmasters.


Staff home directories for accounts that authenticate against the windows servers are stored here.


Student home directories for accounts that authenticate against the windows servers are stored here, each separated by graduation year.


Legacy user home directories from when CSL user accounts were separate from the rest of the school.


Data for various web services. Almost all of the sub-directories here correspond to a subdomain http://<directory>.tjhsst.edu/.


Contains information for the sitemap for the legacy Krysalis system.


Data files for the main website under the www subdomain. Other web subdomains (such as arts, activities, sports, etc.) also have their own directories in web/.


Data files for the webadmin application. See the webadmin article for information on the subdirectories here.


Various administrative scripts and files are stored here.




Contains cron information and scripts to run the bell on the workstations at the appropriate times. The three directories are of different ages, and each was used at one point or another (music is really old, belltab holds the current crontab file, and sound holds the scripts).





These are directories left over from when a few services ran with configuration files stored in AFS. However, these files are no longer used.


A set of scripts to convert the old non-AFS accounts to AFS ones, from the age when the lab was switching to AFS.


A selection of files that were on emperor before the drives were replaced (HAA stuff and a few random scripts).


Some data for experimental (now obsolete) workstation images is in here.


Scripts and files for distributing files to workstations without imaging.


When log files start taking up too much space on a server's /var/log, the files were put here to free up space.


Data for Matlab.


More administrative scripts are in here. There's really not much distinction between these and the ones in service/; the separation is a legacy from previous years. These scripts are largely obsolete.


Scripts for the HAA system.


A set of scripts to let daemons (such as apache for the website) gain permission to access AFS in their init.d scripts and refresh their credentials after a specified interval of time.